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Hi there:
I would like to swap out the steering damper on a r69s from the original to the friction type. I have all the parts. I thought it'd be easy but.....There are two pins pressed into the bottom yoke. Is there a trick to taking them out that is known? I intend to put them in a bag with the original damper to pass on to the next owner, and cutting them off just will not do. They are roll pins, I think. Any advice appreciated. Also putting together a bitsa and need a centerstand for a r51/3. If one of you fine persons is willing to part with one, I'd be happy to make a deal.
Thanks all. Hope you have a great year of riding planned!

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Vech has a page on this,

Vech has a page on this, although not much in the way of details. He does say if you need further assistance, to give them a call.



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