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It was 1977. I had been riding Hondas (CB/CL350/450) and for the prior few years Triumph Bonnevilles - still have a 70 Bonneville.

This R90S was Daytona Orange. Kinda a sissy, feminine paint job. Hmmmmm, priceyand I didn't like the color. But, I took the R90S for a test ride on Stevens Creek Blvd (2 lanes in each direction, business district, busy)and simply went gently in 1st, 2nd, and into 3rd when I looked down and I was going over 60 in a 35 zone! No idea I was going that fast, no muss, no fuss, no vibration, no noise, maybe soon no license. Hit the brakes (they work pretty good too) and hide in some residential streets in case I was seen.

Scared, impressed, mystified. I had to buy a year old bike with 14K on it for $3000.

I still have it but it has 155,000 miles on it now.



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That's a nice story! I wish I

That's a nice story!
I wish I could test ride a R90S here in France, but they are very rare.

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