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Anyone have a recommendation on a Circlip Tool for use on /2 pistons? Or are fingers your method of choice?

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I used a very small

I used a very small screwdriver and a spring hook


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Dont they also suggest the

Dont they also suggest the opening of the clip going a certain direction?


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Here's what my R69S pistons

Here's what my R69S pistons looked like with the clip in position. I believe good positioning of the end of the clip near one of the cutouts would let you reach in to the cutout with a pair of needle nose pliers to grab it, lift the end up and pull the clip out of the hole. I'd never reuse a clip if I did this. Installing new ones...I had to use these internal types on my R100/7 top end rebuild...I got the clip started using my thumbs, then found a good fitting socket to help drive the clip into place. My thumbs hurt for quite some time after that.

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Use a screwdriver-pick or

Use a screwdriver-pick or scratch awl. Wear protective eye wear.


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