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I see that there are several vendors offering newly made /2 engine parts, including heads, cast iron cylinders, and crankshafts. expense aside, there is significant appeal in the new parts. Anyone who has experience with butterheads knows the failings of 1960's metallurgy and casting! One would assume that with modern castings, the quality of the metal would be significantly better.

However, there is one item in particular that peeks my interest. Several vendors, mostly raceshops in Germany are offering aluminum cylinders both in 600cc and 500cc sizing with Nikasil/alusil coating. (I'm adding alusil, because I'm not sure that anyone does nikasil anymore, but the term is readily recognized) Clearly these were intended for the track, but I see no real reason they couldn't be used on the street. People have only been using ceramic lined cylinders for close to 40 years!

As you might imagine the costs are high, but not crazy high. From a practical standpoint having never to rebore again, plus elimination of leak-down is attractive. Anyone have experience with these items? Anyone know of a source of aluminum cylinders in the US?

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Not directly related, but

Not directly related, but maybe so - I often find many similarities between the air cooled 911 and BMW motorcycle owners. In this regard the Alusil vs. Nikasil choice is well talked about (see here). There are some careful considerations in piston choice that make either of these materials work to their best advantage.

Looking forward to hearing more about this.

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Please provide links to the

Please provide links to the German vendors offering these.

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