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A new clutch cable arrived in the mail today along with some other parts and I want to confirm the cable routing before installing. From the photo you can see that my current cable is routed between the frame and engine case and over time it wedged itself between the two and abraided the cable. Should I follow the same path or route to the outside? The manual talks about making sure you install the new cable correctly but only gives the guidance of following the path of the old cable. Not much help if the old cable is installed wrong.

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Always go the straightest

Always go the straightest route with least hard bends. And I sure wouldnt go that way again. Which bike are you working on? My R69 goes from the left side and crosses over and down the right side. With a couple wire ties to hold to the bike frame. And that wasn't much help was it.



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I will look for a photo but my clutch cable (R60/2) runs along the inside of the frame not on top. Maybe you can try running the cable from the back (reverse) and see how it likes to lay.

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