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What do you think the price range of a BMW R50 (1955) is?
Which are the factors that affect the price/value?
How can anyone estimate the price/value of such a vehicle?

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My 2 Cents

My opinion on the '55 model particularly is that the more original it is, or was restored to, the more valuable. The '55s had a bunch of unique features that rarely survive the decades of use/abuse. If a bike was to still have all those early bits, and the bike was correctly restored with them, it would be as valuable as it's going to be.

Where you are affects the price, but one such as described above might bring upper teens here in the US, maybe more at auction. The bike you picture has had a lot of things changed from original, but looks like a nice bike, just not worth as much as an original or correct restoration might bring.




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From that one tiny picture it

From that one tiny picture it looks beautiful and over-restored.


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My friend has four (54 - 69 vintage). He has paid various prices for them. I have three. I started in 1974 with my first. My son and grandsons love them so, they are priceless to me. If you like them they are worth what you and the seller agree on.

What do you want? If you are planning on showing this at concourse shows, this bike incorrectly restored and therefore not a top dollar bike, like Dave said. All things that you can correct over time with some barn finds, CL postings, this forum, and other resources.

Me, would change a couple of things on it but, it's a pretty bike. Nice shiny parts to start out with. Most of us don't get that opportunity.

Sorry, I know it would be good to get a KBB type answer but, they just don't make these anymore.

Use this link to see what folks are asking to get an idea of the market.

BMW R50 site:craigslist.org

Like a mortgage, if you wake up 6 months later and don't dread making the payment, it was worth it.

Good luck.



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