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My '83 R80 RT engine will be removed soon, so may as well replace the bike's wiring harness. Any opinions / experience on finding and purchasing one already made, vs. fabricating one from scratch ?

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No experience with either.

No experience with either. Tom Cutter, proprietor of the Rubber Chicken Racing Garage, has, on the Airhead BMW Club listserve, previously extolled the virtues of replacement harnesses put together by a vendor he favors, but whose name escapes me for the moment. Get in contact with Tom for the info, and I'm sure he'll have an insight or two to offer on the available alternatives.



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Motogadget m.unit

I have no direct experience with these yet, but I have been reading about a digital control unit called m.unit from a German company called Motogadget. I have heard good things, and think they look really promising.

Here's a link to the item in question: https://motogadget.com/shop/en/m-unit-basic.html

Basically, it is a digital controller that allows you to rewire the bike using single wire connections, while doing away with fuses all together, as well as eliminating many relays. It can be used with conventional handlebar switches or you can use buttons. Seems slick and easy (but maybe a little blasphemous for these old rides!) Might be a good alternative worth exploring. Plus there are programmable taillight modes, and bluetooth options (different model) for those that wish to go there.

Looking forward to hearing your solution.



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