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I need a left carb for 1977 R100/7. The numbers are 94/40/113. I will take other 40 mm carb. The idle circuit won't function. I have cleaned it more than 6 times, dunked it and ultra sonic cleaned it. The right carb will work on left cylinder then right does not work with left carb installed. I see carb cleaner coming out of passageways but does not run at idle. It will run above 1500 rpm. Tag wire through holes did not help. So does anyone have a left carb 40mm to sell? Thanks!


Dave Kaechele

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Dave - Those seem like big

Dave -

Those seem like big carbs for the R100/7. My '78 has 64/32/19-20s. Would a different set work instead of the 40mm? Has there been some serious engine work done.

Have you checked with Bing to see if they could fix the problem carb? Also there are several 40mm carbs on ebay.


Kurt in S.A.
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