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1975 R90S

This followed me home this week. It was purchased from the one and only (original) owner in its 42 years. The maintenance log book shows it was ridden routinely except from 2008 until 2016. It has 66K miles on the odometer and is in pretty good, all original shape. Mechanically .... other than a noisy timing chain its strong. Strong acceleration. Smooth through the gears and a pleasure to ride. It has a lot of upgrades to include an Omega electronic ignition, dual plug, fork brace, and beefed up frame.

Some would say leave it alone, its original but my plan is to have it repainted in Daytona Orange and ride it. I just finished a total restoration on an R60/2 and this is my next project.

Anyway, here are the photos. If you see anything out of order please let me know.

  • img_8376.jpg
  • img_8375.jpg
  • img_8388.jpg
  • img_8389.jpg
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More photos. The engine is clean. No leaks and so far it hasn't been throwing any smoke out of the exhaust. The guy obviously took care of the bike.

  • img_8390.jpg
  • img_8391.jpg
  • img_8392.jpg
  • img_8396.jpg
  • img_8399.jpg
  • img_8398.jpg
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It has the curved mirrors and most of the S parts. Even has the old curved throttle cable fittings on top of the carbs. Missing some little pieces like shock and fork covers.

I'm really surprised the throttle cables survived with the curved adapters.

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