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Any guesstimate on cost (presuming no major parts required like the crank) of an engine rebuild? I have no idea about what it might cost so range maybe? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks

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The total cost for the engine

The total cost for the engine rebuild on my R69S was about $2000...that was about 11 years ago. I took everything apart down to the point that the rods were sticking out of the block...I delivered the engine to the mechanic myself. That cost was about $1000 in labor and $1000 in parts. Actually, the $1000 in parts includes work down by another mechanic for the heads...I have it listed as parts as I don't really know the breakdown between the labor and parts for the head work.


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I spent just over $2500 for

I spent just over $2500 for my rebuild. But that was $100 book, $200 all in one tool, $400 for 2 pistons, $185 for rear main bearing, rear main bearing holder($ ?), $114 for front main bearing, cylinders bored 1st over,Valve seats done and one new exhaust valve, 2 tires, all the rubber on the bike. New cam bearings, new wheel frt/rear bearings. NO crank work done. I did all the work myself but the machine shop work.
So $1000-1500?


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