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1975 R90S

Im picking up a new to me R90S this week. What manuals do you recommend for service/restoration? I hear its "basically" the same bike as a 90/6.

Any recommendation of where to buy parts is also appreciated.

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Manuals / Parts

There is a ton out there. Get as many as you can afford. #1 get the factory service manual first. Capitol Cycle / Moto Bins (england) has them. Maybe Bob's or A&S can get them also. Also get the factory parts book also. This will show you how to correctly assemble items / how they were when new. There are many dealers that have this parts blow up on the net...so you can just print off what you need. A Clymer is also a good bet. It's the size of a old New York phone book. Get the factory literature / old magazines off ebay.There helpful in showing where cables / stickers and other components were as they left the factory.

A&S / Bob's just had there 15% sale. I think they also have a New Years deal also. Thats a good way to get OEM stuff, at a discount. Moto-Bins and S Meyer out of Germany is also a good source. Get your new throttle cables from Moto-bins, and new curved mirrors from Meyer!

Good luck......your new paint will cost big $$$$ and Orange belongs on a KTM!

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