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I've been looking at accessories on the Blue Moon catalog and I really like the look of the headlight mounted rearview mirrors. From what I can see it looks like the mirrors come with a threaded stem. I'm assuming the the bolt threads from inside the headlight bucket? Does anyone have these on their bike? If so, do you like them? Are they functional?
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Headlight mirrors

I have some on my /2. They work quite well with the low bars, can't speak for higher bars.

They look so good on my bike that I'd probably use them even if they weren't good mirrors; but they work so well that I probably use them if they were ugly.



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They look great. Take some

They look great. Take some getting used to depending on your body/frame/size/seat/handlebars/etc..
As a safety matter you really want to see cars behind you and not your knees.

They will not ever be as good as handlebar mounted as far as I'm concerned. They may or may not work for you.

First picture is when I first bought the bike and had low bars. It was impossible for me to use the mirrors that way. But I'm 6'2" so that might be a different experience for others.

2nd & 3rd pictures are with high U.S. bars. Much better and out of the way of the mirrors now.

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Also check to see what Vech

Also check to see what Vech offers.

I have them on my R25/2. They're reasonably functional, but I do have to be conscious of where they are versus my other bikes. On the single as well as the R69S, I'm using my mirrors a lot as I'm sometimes a moving roadblock, especially on the R25/2. They do have a cool factor associated with them.


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The handlebar perch mount is

The handlebar perch mount is what I am running on the Earls fork and the plunger bikes I am using bar end mirror,both are great.


Thomas M.
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They Work Great

They work just fine and look great. Just get the Albert ones from Vech, not the Bumm ones. Tried both and the Alberts are by far superior.




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My 2 cents

I also bought the Albert headlight mirrors for my R27 a few years back after I read a lot of comments, both positive and negative. During the 3 years of owning the R27, not even once did I get to see a vehicle through the mirrors. I did everything I could to adjust them, I was even riding with a spanner in my pocket to adjust the nut on traffic lights. I was lifting my arms, bending down under the Euro steering bar. Nothing, nada, niente, ei mitään, τίποτα! It was either asphalt or tree tops.

But, hey! They looked good! Big Grin

P.S. A friend's R69S has different headlight mirrors with shorter arms and I could see just fine from them.


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Becasue you are on the ‘wrong’ side of the road

Maybe you could never see another vehicle with the headlight mounted mirrors is because you were riding on ‘wrong’ side of the road?


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You're right Icarus, here they do drive on the "wrong" side of the road. I just moved here 5 months ago from Finland, had my R27 while I was in Helsinki.


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Christos @ Brisbane, Australia

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