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Can someone tell me the length from center to enter of the mounting holes of the rear shocks? I think mine either have weak springs or the springs may have been shortened. The bike sits low so that it is almost impossible to pull it onto the enter stand.

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335 millimeters

335 millimeters


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Is your /5 long wheel base or

Is your /5 long wheel base or short wheel base?
Early, swb /5s use a shorter shock than the later, lwb bikes.

It may be that you have swb shocks on your lwb bike?
The OEM shocks are rebuildable, though the damper cartridge is replaced, not repaired.
Dimensionally the difference between the shocks in in the top cap eye-to-spring perch distance.
The difference doesn't appear to be much, but fitting a lwb shock onto a swb bike is not fun & easy.

swb = 325mm (12.80") eye-to-eye
lwb = 340mm (13.39")


You might shop here: http://www.bobsbmw.com/store/product/ikon-7610-series-shocks-for-70-72-s...


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