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Hi all,

My R75 /5 has two issues that are likely unrelated but I wanted to get your all's impression:

1. Upon idling i get this chirping / turkey sound (chirp). I have read that it could be either a leaking head gasket, crankcase breather valve, or a rear main seal. How should I go about diagnosing the sound? Any help from the video (sound)? It occurs most noticeably upon killing engine.

2. Separately, second gear is very loud upon engine heating up. Is this related?

Thank you all,


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As for the turkey sound, you

As for the turkey sound, you should be able to tell if the head gasket is leaking by listening with a rolled up paper tube around the gasket. But more than likely, you're problem is excess blow-by past the rings. That creates higher than normal internal engine case pressures when the pistons are going to bottom dead center. I don't think it would be the breather valve...it's probably opening but not able pass enough air, so it's finding another way out, the rear main seal. You should do a compression check as well as a leakdown test to confirm. If you do have excess blow-by, that needs to be fixed first before looking at other things.

On the second gear, to some degree "they all do that". The gears will rattle. It may have something to do with your carb synch...if the carbs aren't synched, there will be uneven power pulses. Usually though, rattling of the gears is in neutral. I would think that if you're riding along with load on 2nd gear, I would think that the sound should be minimal. Still, they do tend to make noise.


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