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My 1956 R50 frame has the front "L" shaped piece that holds the air pump on broken off. I would like to have one welded on before repainting the frame- Does someone mind measuring the diameter and length of the piece. Thanks!

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Some helpful info

Kurt in S.A.
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Pump holder

The link provided by Schrader gives you the details of how to make a new one. Here are some pictures of my '56 R69. I did not restore the bike so I can't say whether it is original or not. It is one inch long, protrudes one inch above the frame, and is 1/4 in diameter.

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Finished pump holder replacement


Here she is....

8 mm x 1.25 steel bolt

17/64 drill

8 x 1.25 tap

I measured and cut the bolt, spun in a drill against a grinder to make the rounded end

Heat with a MAPP torch and bent

Looks great.

Thanks for the help!

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If you are not trying to win

If you are not trying to win a concourse, and just want to make your like easier, the pump is just a bicycle pump. Many websites that specialize in old "roadster" style bicycles have strap on mounting gear for these pumps.

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Looks good.

Looks good.


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