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I replaced the burned out bulb in my rear tail light on my 66 R50/2. When I went to close the assemble it was struggling to go back to a nice tight fit. I proceeded to try and put the small regular screw bolt back in hoping that would tighten up everything again. But the threaded part on the tab was bending at the wrong angle and I stripped the small screw. I thought I could find a replacement at my local Ace Hardware. But it appears that a 5mm was too small and a 6mm was too big. Does anyone know what thread this screw is? or where I can find a replacement?
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Tail light screw

Checked my parts book and other sources and found the screw is not listed by itself but is sold with the chrome ring
If you stripped the threads on the screw then most likely you also stripped the threads on the tail light housing also

I suppose you could call Vech and he would know

In the meantime you could use a screw with a nut on the taillight shell



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If you have a digital

If you have a digital caliper, you can could the number of threads over a given distance. Metric screws/bolts are listed a "mm per thread". So, if you've tried a 5 and 6mm and they don't work, it would appear that the thread size is 5.5mm per thread. There are a number of other bolts on the bikes that are this odd ball pitch. IIRC the small screw that caps off the vacuum port on my /7 carb is 3.5mm per thread.


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