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Hi, I recently acquired a 1976 R90/6 without the stock seat. I purchased a R100/7 seat (I think). It does not reach the tank by about two inches. I am now thinking if I want to keep my /6 tank, I'll have to switch the seat. Anybody know which seat is in pic 1 and 2? Also, is there somewhere online to know about body parts and compatibility? Thanks in advance

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90S and /7 and later fuel

90S and /7 and later fuel tanks are longer than the units used on /5 and /6 models.



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1st & 2nd pic's look like

1st & 2nd pic's look like maybe Corbin seats. There are several options for replacement seats from stock-looking to custom. Check eBay and/or google. Just make sure you get a /6 seat, not /7. What you have now is the "sport" style /7 seat that came on the R90S, R100S, and most 1981-84 models. That should have enough resale value to get you into one that fits.

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r75/6 my first bmw...

hi there i bought my first bmw im born and raised on the kaw h1/h/2 kz900 jap bikes but im sick of having my daily ride ripped off so i bought this r/75/6 torque is new to me the bike seems quite original except for the lesters ....its taking everything im used to to not start tearing this thing apart and it all comes back to torque and something beamer owners have talked about since i kind of topped the jap bikes out at the fj1200 level. the howl of four cylinders (in high performance profile) had me to the point where the police would look me up after the fact. im now trying to ride something that handles well has adequate powwr both torque and horsepower without spending 10,000 buck only tohave the bike lifted by some douchebag. my question(s) involve displacement and carburation....given what i know and/or dont know is it worth it to bump up the cc's and carbs or will the orig bing carb setup work with the larger jugs...im making the assumption i need the carbs/air cleaner setup to remain stockish to maintain present power levels. additionally would it be a huge slap in the face and alienate everyone t o go with the older r69s look as it kind of jives with the whole giant cylinders sticking out horizontally (dont you guys keep finding those things in the way?) thank you for any thoughtful responses....unthoughtful responses are ok too. thx one more thing dont you guys drag stuff turning corners?


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OP---Your seat in the 1st and

R90---Your seat in the 1st and 2nd photos is an aftermarket Corbin "Gunfighter"Corbin Gunfighter for /6.



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