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Aloha everybody,I have a 12V alternator "drop in" setup from Benchmarkworks,it came with my 1954 R67/2,this setup lists for $575.00 not including all the bulbs,etc.,and will fit the 17mm TAPER,not the later 20mm taper cranks,so it is for plunger or EARLY Earls fork. It has bright lights,and loud horn,but on long drives,in the daytime it has boiled my battery,and this is the 2nd battery I have had to buy and just want to go back to 6V. I might be using a battery that is not large enough in capacity,I don't know,but if someone wants to convert to 12V this is the setup. I will trade straight across,for a COMPLETE 6V system with new bulbs. This alternator system has 1300 miles on it,and will come with ALL the 12V bulbs for plunger bike. If you go on the benchmarkworks website,under engine electrical you can click on the alternator for $575.00 and see the pictures and directions for this setup.

Email me @ taivw@hotmail.com send some pics of the generator you have,and it has to have clean commutator/mint condition for me to trade. Mahalo!


Thomas M.
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Alternator Set Up

I've been riding the 12V alternator set up from Vech for over seven years without a problem. I use a 12V Bike Master AGM battery and have never had a problem. It's a great system and easy to install. Sorry it did not work for you.

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I have the PowerDynamo and

I have the PowerDynamo and never a problem. !2volt AGM (in a dummy 6V case).
I'm trying to understand how your system (which a bunch of folks have) would boil your battery?

Anyway, PowerDynamo is great and so is 12 volt on these old girls.


mike wex/stagewex
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No problem

I installed the 12V conversion that Vech provided. I've had the same battery for five years. Between rides, it's always on a Battery Tender.


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Voltage regulator

Bad voltage regulator ?
Max output should not be more than 7.4 volts
Also good to have headlight on
Have you talked to Vech about this problem



Tommy Byrnes
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