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Dear Friends,

I have a BMW R50/2. I have observed that when I dethrottle, the bike continues accelerated. I have cleaned and re- greased the bevel gear, but the problema continues. I don't see any problema in the cabling. Do you think I should replace the springs in the carburetors? Is there any other think I shoud try?

Best Regards.

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Clean and grease the carb

Clean and grease the carb slides, make sure the cables are free. Find out if it is just one side that sticks. Could also be a sticking ignition advance. Take the slides out and see if they freely return outside the carb body. Make sure the needle(s) are not pitted or bent.


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I don't think that greasing

I don't think that greasing the slide is a good idea.
The grease attracts dust, and the grease inhibits slide movement in cold weather.
A dry lubricant might provide some benefit, but most carb manufacturers recommend clean and dry.
If you have problems with the slides sticking, it is usually due to deformation of the slide or carb body. The carbs usually get warped when the ears are tightened down too much on a compressible gasket.
Take the face of the flange and put it on a surface plate or piece of plate glass, and see if you can slide a feeler gauge under it at the center, between the two bolt holes.

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