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My generator seems to come on intermittently...Sometimes when its supposed to, when engine is off or RPMs are really slow. Once it came on the first time I rode at night-- it would come on and stay on when I used the brakes or turn signals. Seemed like more of a short, because it didn't come on with a flicker, it come on full brightness. Then last weekend I gave it its first water bath and it came on and stayed till the bike dried. I haven't had the generator cover off yet, so I haven't looked at the condition of brushes.. I've only clocked about 138 miles on it since I got it in August. It has many electrical gremlins that I'm blamed on bad grounds (horn and speedo light don't work).

Any clue way my generator light would act so erratically?
Thanks in advance
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My first thought would be to

My first thought would be to check the battery. The Rinckes books mentions that a flat or bad battery can create situations with the generator. After than, probably need to look at the brushes and/or the commutator.


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A digital volt/ohm meter is

A digital volt/ohm meter is your friend. Do a search for a wiring diagram(I'm don't have my manuals handy) Check the output of the generator and the regulator. The /2 electrical system is pretty simple. Check the brushes, clean the commutator.


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Wiring diagram

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