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Howdy R90Sers,

Took a 2500 mile trip on my "new" R90S home without a tank bag, so
now I think I need one. Just a handy item for the small things.

What do you recommend? I know there are a few vintage bags that were
originally sold at the time of the R90S launch, however, I would like something
that is created with more modern materials with newer features.
I believe smaller would be better due to the shape of the tank and its position to
the narrow handlebars.
What do you use? And how does it work for you?

Thanks much.

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I swapped a R100RS tank onto

I swapped a R100RS tank onto my R90S to fit a tankbag. The 90S gascap fouls most tankbags. But, the 90S tank holds a little more fuel than the later, flat gas cap tanks.

Both bikes have the same paint scheme, so swapping tanks is trivial.



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Saddlebags pretty much made a

Saddlebags pretty much made a tankbag unnecessary for me unless I was really in the cross-country/camping-only mode. And when I decided that the paint matters, and is pretty expensive, my tankbag began gathering dust. It's an old Eclipse that I still have around, but I haven't had on my bike in 20 years. The smaller magnetic ones sound like a nice alternative to strapping arrangements, but, the magnets seem to risk messing up electronic storage, and, if they're holding, they're rubbing something (usually fabric) against the paint. The newer ones that seem to be cantilevered off of/above the fuel filler don't seem to have fitment for our old bikes, but maybe I've missed an offering that would work.



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Thanks for your input. I

Thanks for your input. I appreciate the concerns re the paint. That is why I am adding the clear 3M film to the entire tank.

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