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1968 R60/2 Choke type air cleaner.


I ordered this air filter last week and it came in without O-rings. When I installed the filter the center post (long bolt) did not reach the bottom to screw in so I removed the two O-rings and everything screwed down just fine. I am assuming this type of filter does not require the O-rings???? It has a lip on the top and bottom of the filter.

When I did my rebuild last year the air filter that came with the bike looked ok. I blew it out with air and re-installed it assuming it was good. Long story short ..... big difference. The bike is much more responsive now and all I did was replace the air filter.

I have been buying parts from a gentleman up in New England. Spike_buck. Klassic Cycle Stuff. He has been very helpful, has a great selection of parts, fast delivery and always answers the phone. I have been very happy dealing with him.

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I don't recall o-rings being

I don't recall o-rings being required for use with the air filter, but it does need to seal with the cover both top and bottom. Certainly the air filter cover has a gasket between the cover and the engine case.


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Replacement air filter

Put the old and new filter on a flat surface
If the new filter is taller than the old then the O rings are not needed

Ask Mike to confirm



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You can see the raised rib

You can see the raised rib around the inner hole which is the "o-ring" for that style filter. I buy the Hugget/BMW factory style metal & paper filters which are flat on the ends and require the o-rings.


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Thanks guys. The extra lip seems to take the place of the O-rings. It is definitely taller than the filter that required the O-rings.

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