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I am getting back to work on the R24, almost everything has been painted or powder coated, engine rebuilt, wheels re spoked, the list goes on and on. What I need now is to sort out he fasteners as most were incorrect when I bought it. Can anyone tell me if it is acceptable to buy stainless and have them refashioned to correct profile etc?

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Hello and congratulations on

Hello and congratulations on getting your bike close to completion. Regarding SS fasteners,it all depends on whether you are building a museum/concourse restoration or a rider to use,enjoy riding and putting miles on it,and function is a priority over originality. I have an original low mileage bike with all original fasteners in good shape and I have a bike I did a ground up rebuild/restoration on and did that bike with powdercoat and all SS fasteners. The SS fasteners give it more sparkle,but is not to every ones taste,however I like it and it keeps a easy to maintain luster. Here are pictures of my R69s with all SS fasteners and you can see the extra shine. This bike,if you look closely literally has 95% SS on it,the engine and transmission nuts/the kickstart & shift lever pins & nuts/engine mount bolts and nuts/swingarm and rear shock trim caps/the handlebar riser bolts and fork top bolts/front and rear axles/shock bolts/hand lever pins/carb nuts/pushrod tube/front engine cover nuts/complete SS exhaust system/front fender bow/fork friction damper knob/wheel spokes/etc..... are all SS. I have put over 8K miles on her and she still looks just as good,I ride around a lot of salt air and sometimes rain,so the SS was the ticket My other,original bike looks great with it's all original-ness,but I get more compliments on this one. Hope you get her done the way you want it,that is what really matters.

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