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I saw someone pull a lock out of the frame tube under the seat of his R75/5 the other day. He got this with the bike. Are these locks still available? The lock seemed to be designed to fit into the tube.

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I have read this about 5

I have read this about 5 times. But.....what is a frame tube lock doing under the seat? Where did he put it/ what was it for?
If its made for an older BMW im sure you can buy one....somewhere.



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It's a cable lock...a hunk of

It's a cable lock...a hunk of cable with a swivel pin on one end and a locking mechanism on the other end. It fits into the top frame tube. Open seat, remove tool tray, then look into the open end of the upper frame tube. Might only have been something included with /7s...my /7 came with one. I don't know where to find one...can't find a part number. Motobins used to carry one...here's a link to an MOA post which has a picture of the lock. I've checked Motobins and this doesn't exist there anymore.



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The cable lock was a factory

The cable lock was a factory accessory, and is still shown in the parts fiche, but I think it's NLA. I found one on E-bay several years ago (even had one of its two keys!), to "complete" my RT. Not sure that it's much of a useful theft-deterrent; I still use a Kryptonite U-lock through the fork when I want some extra security for the bike itself. In truth, the theft threat for our bikes is pretty small; airheads are just too old, weird, slow, and rare for thieves and their customers to bother with them.



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I'm fortunate to have one of

I'm fortunate to have one of these for my R90s as well as a kathy's Products (Bob's BMW) lock sock.

The lock sock holds the tube in a zippered bag and the whole mess stores in the frame tube. In addition, I keep a few other extra items in the lock sock.



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