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I would love to find a reasonably priced repair manual or something I can print out myself for this new to me bike,
Ive always yearned an older BMW and would look at the earlier doubles as they would show up nearish to me, But they were always on Ebay and very costly or a local Craigslist basket case, I ride a 1976 R90 often and a 1972 60/5 less often and was always hoping I would find something,
Well, This past weekend I found this 1955 R25/3 and just had to bring it home.
Its mostly original, aside from Carb rebuild and general replacement rubber items the muffler is new as well as the bar mirror,
I am looking for the following items,
New bars as these are bent very mildly, A stock looking air pump and was there a mirror from the factory for the LH side of bars?
And can anyone tell me how many 1955, R25/3s were produced?
I read that over the 3 year run, 47000 were made,
~ ~ ~
I never thought I would own a vintage BMW single and am very happy to have bought this one home !
Thanks for letting me share!
I can't wait to go putting about later today !
Peter B

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Nice find! I, too, went down

Nice find! I, too, went down that road wanting an older bike and ended up with my R25/2. I bought a workshop repair manual from Vech...it's specifically for the R25 and R25/2. I check his website and he doesn't have anything like that for the R25/3. He has it for the R26, though. Barrington Motorworks just finished their R26/R27 manual...I don't know what they have in works for the earlier models. Vech does have the small owners manual for the R25/3...I would certainly get that.

Here's any interesting breakdown of the differences in the various single cylinder models over the years:


For the basic stuff, I did a mechanical restoration of my R25/2 without any real manual, just using the knowledge of having worked on my other bikes. In reality, it's not rocket science and BMW engineering is similar over the years. There are communities for the singles out there to include these other sites:


I checked the bars on my R25/2 and there's no built-in spot for a mirror to screw into like my R69S. So mirrors must have been clamp on. I have headlight mirrors on my R25/2. They work pretty well for me and the type of local riding I do.


Kurt in S.A.
'78 R100/7 '69 R69S '52 R25/2

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