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Hans W Peters
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Does anyone have information on the spoke size for a '36 R5. I have used a micrometer and I get a measurement of 3mm. Most spoke sizes come in M 3.5, M 4 and M 5. My R 51/3 with the same halve
Hub uses M 5 spokes.
Any information on the subject will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Hans

Luigi bmwR68
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Spoke size

The '20 and '30 original spokes had two size 3,5-4 mm (at the ends, near the rim and the hub)
and 3 mm in the middle .
Then today you can use 3 to 4 mm .. 3,5 is ok for safety
I hope you understand me..
Regards Luigi

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More spoke data

Today I measured the spokes on my 1936 R5.
I believe the spokes are original.

They measure 3 mm in the center and about 3.7 mm near each end.

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