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I have a Google drive with lots of pictures of my restoration I took because I thought it might help others restoring a plunger frame bike. There were so many simple assembly items I was just uncertain of so looking at pictures often helped.
email or contact me and I will send you the google drive.
my email is

Plunger Frame Restoration

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Having recently finished a restoration on this R67/2 as an average home mechanic , now having ridden it this Summer for 800 miles. I feel it's complete. I had many questions and problems during this restoration process. Some of the parts manuals help but there were many times I needed more specific picture of certain areas. I took hundreds of pictures along the way to help other home mechanic types during there projects. I have these images on a Google drive I can send you if interested.
You can email me at and I will send them. Cheers, Michael

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