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I am a new member, a BMW owner since 1980 and a motorcyclist since 1967. I have a 1967 BMW R60/2. I recently had to replace the front oil seal on the crankshaft. Disassembly was straightforward. Upon reassembly I noticed the magneto rotor is not keyed to the cam shaft. This creates the problem of not being able to set the spark timing. Someone must have run into this in the past. How do you time the rotor? HELP! Thank you!

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That is quite normal. The

Welcome to the forum and the VBMWMO! That is quite normal. The rotor and camshaft have conical surfaces that, when mated, serves to hold things firmly in place. The magneto rotor is aligned to marks on the body of the magneto so that you get the best spark when kick starting the bike. The conical surfaces need to be completely clean. Then, when mounting the rotor and tightening things down, it will lock itself in place.


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