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The 1966 R50/2 I purchased from a seller in Michigan finally arrived. My last vintage bike was a 1969 Honda 750, so I came into this purchase with many wrong assumptions about old bikes. The bike upon arrival started after 3 kicks, which was a huge relief. However, the horn doesn't work, so I looked under the solo seat to inspect the battery,and I find this wimpy looking battery with the main lead wires being no bigger than wires the size of speaker wires on a cheap radio and both pos and neg so close together they look like they could short very easily. I'm thinking, this can't be right. I'm used to battery terminals being a little more "girthy". Is this normal? Any clues to look for with the non-working horn?And final question is: does the speedometer have an illuminated light in it?
Thanks in advance. (You guys are great!)
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The 6 volt batteries, some

The 6 volt batteries, some just have small wires. You can buy the $80-120 ones with bigger terminals. The horn if Klaxon or similar you can open up and clean the contacts inside. Or check inside the headlight bucket to make sure the wires are all connected. On mine its the HO terminal. It grounds at the horn switch by using the horn button. Mine has power on both of the horn terminals which is correct for mine, yours? There is a light socket (on mine) in the front of the speedo cable when you open the head light bucket. Your bike may very.



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Remember, with a /2 there is

Remember, with a /2 there is very little current draw from (or to) the battery, hence there is no need for hefty big battery cables. The big current draw on most vehicles is the the starter and a /2 has none. The standard generator is 65 watts, putting out a max of ~10 amps. The headlight and taillight draw a total of ~50 watts, a ~9 amp current draw. # 16 wire is big enough for that current draw, but I beleive the main wiring "cables" are ~#10 or maybe #8 AWG wire.


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