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I cleaned up my horn about a yr ago. It does blow with a test battery on the bench. I did get it to blow one time on the bike with the bikes regular horn button ( black twist type/push). All the 4 wires have continuity to them at the switch. So I took the sw. apart and cleaned it up some inside. Still no horn. Key on in neutral. I did have the handle bars re chromed/read somewhere that can cause lose of the ground for the horn? But I didnt want to grind on my new bars in hopes of getting a good ground.
Im I missing something here?



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The horn grounds through the

The horn grounds through the handlebars, steering stem bearings, frame, to the battery. Likely you'll need to improve the ground path at the handlebars.


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Horn inop

Crome plating would not effect the ground
It is conductive and is not a insulator

Works ok on the bench ok

I would measure the voltage to the horn 1st, meter to ground and one of the terminals to the horn key down any position
Should be at least 6 volts and in your case 12 volts because you upgraded your electrical system with the power dyno upgrade

If you have good power to the horn then with key in, ground the other wire on the horn ( not the one you measured power On
If it works then the horn is not getting grounded well enough

The HO contact on the switch board ( Lower left terminal on switch board) is just a connecting point for the ground side of the horn and the horn wire from the horn switch
If you ground that terminal the horn should work
If it doesn't then the wire going to horn switch is not getting grounded by the horn switch



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