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I saw a beautiful R69s at the Automobile Museum in Balboa Park in San Diego. This is what prompted me to acquire a vintage BMW. I really loved the details- like the chrome R69s badge/script that is contoured on the back fender. Did these badges come on other models? On a R50/2? I see in my Clymer manual a blowup of the frame and it shows a small R69 and a R50/2 badge. I see a seller on Ebay selling these badges for many models.
Thanks in advance

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As far as I know, it only

As far as I know, it only came on the R69S and R50S models. The early R69S's might not have had them. I think that maybe the R69US models might have had the R69S lettering on it, though. According to Slabon's book this was done to distinguish the S models from the others since they were the top of the line.


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Kurt is correct about R69S.

Kurt is correct about R69S. Certainly the 1955-1960 R69 did not have any script. And the early R69S in 1961 and possibly into 1962 did not have the script either. I'm sure Mark Huggett or someone at the BMW archives knows the exact serial number when this was added, but probably unimportant. As for R50S, I'm not sure when it was added, but it was a short production run regardless. Any script that says R60/2 or R68 is not original to the period and only produced now days.

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