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At first I thought it was just me. I struggled deploying the centerstand under anything but the perfect conditions. Then Zircon mentioned his 67/3 was a bear to get on the centerstand. I just purchased the sidestand from Mike Benoit, to park the bike until a centerstand locale can be found, and HE mentioned that those plunger frames can be a handful to centerstand....

Is this a general consensus? Is it worn out? Poor design? Is there a fix to make the centerstand easier to use? Confused


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Center Stand

I can tell you my experiences with a plunger frame center stand . I just finished my R67/2 restoration and the stock center stand seems in great shape. Lifting the bike onto center stand is a heavy lift requiring some technique to get it up and over quickly and smoothly.
I changed to R68 exhaust pipes and mufflers requiring using the wider R68 style center stand. It works exactly the same as the stock stand. My R68 stand was new from Germany.
Not aware of any fix or modification it just seems to be how they work.

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My 2 stands on my 2 different

My 2 stands on my 2 different bikes work differently,lol. One is a lot easier than the other. The trick is to do it quickly and let the weight of the bike gain momentum to kick it over the center point. Lift up and back with more emphasis on the up.


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And there is the trick with

And there is the trick with the leg pushing against the passenger footrest at the same time...


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Pass Peg

flr69s wrote:

And there is the trick with the leg pushing against the passenger footrest at the same time...

This (above quote) is the absolute best way to raise you bike onto its center stand and also save your back. So easy.
Helps to have your passenger peg adjusted facing forward.


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