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I'm looking for a resource for the color Dominican Blue or other blues you consider art deco blue. Jeff Dean has a bike this color (but I don't have his email) that he had a part painted to match. He was able to match the color on the bike. I would appreciate, Jeff (or others) any information you have.


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If you do facebook, here's

If you do facebook, here's his page - https://www.facebook.com/bmwdean.

Here's his forum contact info - http://www.vintagebmw.org/v7/user/2321.

Holt BMW probably could mix up the specific color.


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Here's a Link

Here's a link to a Dominican Blue paint offered by BMC. I do not believe it's a BMW color, per se. I know the claim is that the Dominican Blue pictured on Jeff Dean's page is an original from BMW, but BMW did not make a Dominican Blue, at least in that era. Not to say they didn't paint one at the factory another brand color. I don't think Dover White was a BMW color originally either. I don't think Tim Stafford's China Blue is a BMW color either. That said, I'd take one of either color - they are just gorgeous.





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