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When i got my bike..there was no keys for the toolbox and handlebar lock..can these be reproduced using the vin number or can a lock smith remake them?

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I really don't know if the keys could be replaced by VIN but I'm doubting it. A locksmith could definitely do it. A new complete set with keys is ~$100.00 plus your labor to install it. You have to remove the forks to get the steering lock out. The toolbox takes a little finesse to get off without damaging the door.

It's cost over originality. There are many posts on replacing them so look around here. Keep us up to speed and if you don't find anything, I'll post my replacement. It took me about an hour after removing the forks. Getting the steering lock out can require pretty aggressive drilling. It's possible to pick the lock to get it out though. In my world, there is no replacement for brute force and ignorance so drill and chisel to the rescue. Cold beer to deaden thought of regret.

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My gas tank had been empty

My gas tank had been empty for 25 yrs. So I took the whole tank to key smith. But found out later ( if I remember) you can take off the knee pad and drill out the rivets? While I had my forks in place, I was able to replace the fork lock without removing them. I would do a little research. Maybe that was only on the R69?



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The tool box is easy, remove knee pad and grind the 3 rivets
I have a r69us and I drilled a small center hole and then a larger one in the fork lock and it fell apart in pieces

If you do use the fork lock make sure you unlock it before taking off
I had a friend drive away with the fork lock still locked
He didn't make it very far
The bike fell over and was ok but his pride was seriously hurt in front of more than one person



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