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Anybody got a good recomendation for an oil additive? Maybe one of frictionless additives...

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IMO forget additives. Oil is

IMO forget additives. Oil is blended at the factory to perform as it should. There is no guarantee that putting something else in the oil will combine as intended. Get the right oil and you'll be fine.


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Oil for older engines

Valvoline VR1
Has a Zinc additive to reduce wear on older engines



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Oil Additives

When I recently finished my R67/2 project I wanted to use the best oil I could. Vech at BenchMark recommended Valvoline VR1 40 weight.
That is what I'm using with no additives. I agree oil additives are not necessary and may impede the oils ability to work properly.

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Exactly! Valvoline VR1

Valvoline VR1


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All correct. Lubricating oil is manufactured to work as is. The oil manufacturers put in additives that meet specific demands of equipment manufactures. For example, way back when, ZDDP (zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate) was added by the oil blenders to provide lubricity to parts that may not get perfect pressurized lubrication. In the old days, splash lubrication was a big player in lubricating moving parts. Most of that was due to the cost of manufacturing controlled oil ports throughout the equipment. The pressures of environmental regulation along with improved manufacturing techniques led to ZDDP poisoning catalytic converts and pressurized systems providing better lubrication.

Point, look at what the manufacture of the equipment recommended and find a modern equivalent formula. VR1 checks all of these boxes for 50's / 60's vintage partially or wholly splash lubricated machinery.

Oil lubricates, cools, and circulates contaminants so it can be cleaned out. Pretty simple.



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