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New to me R27
The clutch engagement and release happens at the beginning of pull or end of release of lever. I have adjusted the screw on handle bar but now I just have slack in lever.
I guess will need to adjust lever at transmission can someone give me a bit of guidance before I mess something up?

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Things work a little

Things work a little backwards here. The adjuster at the handlebar is used to create the necessary alignment at the back of the transmission while the adjuster at the transmission provides for the lever free play.

Loosen the adjuster at the transmission, turning it several turns out. Then with the handlebar adjuster, turn it until you reach a situation where when the lever is halfway through the pull, the lever at the transmission is parallel to the back of the case. In the case of Airheads, there is a specific measurement for this location...it's 201mm after the transmission boss that the cable runs through...I've yet to see something specific for the /2s.

Then, go back to the rear of the transmission and adjust the nut and jamb nut until you have around 4mm or so of free play at the hand lever. Lock the adjuster in place with the jamb nut.


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