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Found an easy solution for this. I used a 14mm Craftsman deep 3/8 drive socket (fits snug through the splines of the clutch), and a 14mm shouldered nut drilled to 5/16ths in.. (you may have to wiggle the drill a bit) I just put the clutch rod in the square end of the socket, through the drilled 14mm nut held snug against the pressure plate and the socket. I then turn the rod til the square end seats and start tightening. I found that putting a few longer clutch bolts in temporarily helps get you started. As soon as they start to tighten a bit I get the others going and replace the long ones as needed.

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I had a similar issue on my

I had a similar issue on my R25/2. I made an extension for the aft end of the clutch rod so that I could move around and line up the forward square end of the rod with the hole in the plate. I discussed it here:


It's on the third page of the thread...the above link doesn't take you to specifically that page. Below are pictures of the tool.

  • rodtool.jpg
  • rodtoolin.jpg

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