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This is my first week of riding on my new to me R50,and I am hoping to improve the braking. The front brakes grab really good at low speeds, but at higher speeds the momentum of the bike and I overwhelm the current setup, and a lot of distance is needed to stop the bike from 60, not to mention an iron grip. The rear brake lever seems to be more for looks than function. Doesn't seem to contribute to the task at hand in the least.

As I am removing the tires to mount new K36's soon, I though this might be an opportunity to improve the braking. In a previous post, it was suggested I "upgrade the linings" and "true up the drums". What new linings are recommended? Also, I do not even know where to start to find someone who can "true up the drums" in Charlotte NC. Any suggestions?

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On the one hand, you should

On the one hand, you should get used to the idea that these brakes are not going to be good. But they can and should be adjusted. Duane Ausherman has a section on adjusting front brakes on the /5 but it is applicable to /2s as well. There's a current thread elsewhere on the forum that discusses this.


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