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i find BMW R67/2 y.1953

i must repair and change to original parts..

here is not original engine house i think is R69S with right side numbers
, i buy used with left side numbers

also the front lamps is not original
i buy another front lamp but inside is switch not fuse in right side
i not now which model is this lamp with right switch ?? BMW , DKW ..??

i dont now is front and rear wheel ok for this year and chasis number 615164

please help is something more not original


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If I remember correctly,early

If I remember correctly,early 52 or 53 (?) is 1/2 hub model,so you are lucky to get 1/2 hub,which looks more vintage than full hub.. The headlight on the bike is correct for 1953 if it has indent on bottom of headlight bucket. Only 1951 and early 1952 has headlight with round green neutral light and fuse. Also gas tank has early side opening glovebox which is only very early 1951 bike,1953 has door on tank which open at the front,not the side. It has a mix of early parts on that bike which are nice but incorrect for that year. Nice looking bike!
The headlight bucket that is not on the bike is either not a BMW headlight or somebody took early headlight and put later electrical switch on it.


Thomas M.
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ok, we start to change some wrong parts in to the BMW R67/2 1953
first we change engine house, because is wrong - i think from BMW R60 .. number is in right side
The R67/2 y.1953 must have engine number in left side

see pictures , i hope we help for someone Smile


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BMW R67/2 Repair gearbox

BMW R67/2 Repair gearbox

hi, today i start repair gearbox
i must change 1 gear , and some another parts
attach pictures


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today we change tires ,wheel ring and open diferential , i must change bearings too, i make simple tool for remove bearing

  • dsc00302_large.jpg
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  • dsc00297_large.jpg
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Hello Dear, Bike looks

Hello Dear,
Bike looks excellent except for some parts aren't belong to this bike as you all said. I think the headlight bucket is not original. It may be Hella brand not Bosch somebody has changed before. And also the headlight glas should be the U shape. The speedometer should also be Viegel or Jsgus for this bike. I saw so many factory pictures of this bikes, I've never seen VDO on them. It is for later models like after 1958 I think. One thing I really wonder that How will you match the frame and engine numbers?. You said the engine house is for later models. The gearshift hand lever on the righr side is standing still a little bit further if the gear is the neutral position. Also the seat rubber should be unbranded not pagusa or denfeld etc.. The Bmw's original seat rubber is unbranded as the bmw's own item. If you want it to be %100 percent original you should take it off some accesories like rear solo seat and luggage rack. And more, the air pump should be black and the finaldrive shaft's dust rubber should be white color. Finally the pinstripes are little bit thicker than the original ones. The thick one should be 5mm and the thinner one should be 3mm I think. These are only my opinion and may be wrong just want to share. Your bike is excellent and great.
Best Regards.

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