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Hello all, well, it finally happened. Removed needle jet on right side carb on my 1960 r60 and the theads in the carb body came out with it. Threads are M6 x .75. I have used time-sert insert for a repair on the float chamber screw with great success, but they don't make a M6x.75 kit.
Any one know of an alternative method besides JB weld? Or better yet, anyone have an old Bing 1/24/96 carb body they would like to part with?
Next step is to call Benchmark and see what they suggest.

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There have a few posts on the

There have a few posts on the forum about Muggy Weld. Similar to JB Weld I suppose. But good results with it. Maybe something to use to form what you need and then work with the final results to create the base to support carb threads.


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