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Hello all BMW experts!

I went from having NO carburetor for my 1963 R27 to having 2 of them and I am not sure which one to use! I have a 1/26/83 and a 1/26/93 and both look good after a cleanup and inspection.

As per Bing:

  • 1/26/83 uses the #45-291/1408 Needle Jet and a 115 Main Jet.
  • 1/26/93 uses the #45-522/1408/6 Needle Jet with accelerator pump and a 125 Main Jet.

What are the benefits of the accelerator pump setup on the 93 over the 83? Should I even use that if I use the 93? I know I can build the 93 to be exactly the same as the 83 (needle and jet) but I wanted to know if I should go with one over the other.




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Bing says


Bing recommends the 1/26/79 and 83. The difference is the main jet. The /79 uses a 120 jet and the 83 uses a 115 main jet. All other variables are the same.

Hope this helps. Bing will send you a free parts guide to your carburetor so, they are the experts.



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