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I have a 1976 R75/6 with less than great handling. It feels unsteady in corners.

After stripping the frame, I'm seeing damage near the swing arm mount.

The steering gusset plate is also slightly bent on the right side (see photos).

The bike was in a crash before I bought it in 2012.

I've replaced the steering head bearings and races. The swing arm bearings seem ok. Shocks and springs have been replaced.

I'm planning to take it to a frame shop to get it checked out.

Any comments or advice is welcome.

  • damage just below swing arm mount
  • steering gusset plate bent
  • 1976 R75/6
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Breaks at the muffler/rear

Breaks at the muffler/rear footpeg mounts are quite common and are readily repaired. I'd not worry much about those.
From the photo I cannot see what is wrong at the steering head. As you note however, those two plates should be flat and straight. If there is any misalignment, BMW frames straighten quite well.



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