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Does anyone know where to purchase the aluminum trim work (3 pieces) for an R75/5 seat - new or used.
Hucky's has it for a SWB but not the LWB......

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There are some used part

There are some used part places, specifically Airhead Salvage comes to mind. Repscyle in Ohio is another place to check with. Maybe even Bob's BMW.


Kurt in S.A.
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I bought the 3 aluminium seat

I bought the 3 aluminium seat trim pieces from Motorrad Stemler in Germany.

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I have some...

I managed to track down a full set of these trims, and even bought 10 of the T bolts that mount them, when I was planning on refurbishing a LWB /6 seat. The seat turned out to be worse than I thought, and I ended up buying a Siebenrock replica.

If you're stuck drop me a PM. I'm in the UK so shipping to the US wouldn't be cheap - especially as the long trim takes up quite a bit of space.


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