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My '73 R60/5 didn't come with mirrors, so I ordered two. The left mirror has reverse threads, but the hole does not. Is the mirror correct, or is the hole correct? Any ideas?
I tried searching for previous posts, but I came up empty. Maybe I don't know how to search forums...


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I think the /2 era bikes had

I think the /2 era bikes had reverse threads on the left perch because the bikes were released with only one mirror. The mirrors for /5-on bikes were both sides and I thought the mounts were different, so the left perch didn't have reverse threads. I think your mirrors are meant for /2 bikes, not /5 bikes.


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The left side is reverse

The left side is reverse threaded (mount and mirror), so that wind pressure on the mirror acts to constantly tighten it. Same thing with the right mirror.

One of the more unique ideas you see on old Airhead's.




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Yamaha mirrors work too.

Yamaha mirrors work too.



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