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I am looking at a '73 R75/5 with "toaster" chrome. It is immaculate but has not had a lot of use for the past year. The owner is selling it to raise some cash due to a slowdown in his business. Is there anything in particular I should be looking out for with this machine? It is purportedly a long wheelbase model. I am also looking for comp sales. He is asking $8,500 which I believe is too high. Thanks in advance for any advice.


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I've never gotten the final

I've never gotten the final word on toasters...I thought they were primarily '72 models, maybe early '73 models. Didn't think they were associated with long wheel base bikes.

$8500 does seem like quite a bit. Just checked IBMWR...two /5s but the price also seems higher than I would have thought...$7500-8000. Guess the price of "vintage" is going up??

Price is up to you. I'd expect some info on maintenance history.


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Hi, it does seem high to me

Hi, it does seem high to me as well. In Sept, I got a '72 R75/5 Toaster Tank, very clean original, and great running condition with low miles for $3200. I know they made toaster tanks in '73 - I had one, but it was a SWB...pretty sure '73 LWB models were offered w/ a toaster tank.

I do agree that generally these bikes are jumping in value...But still - for $8500 it should be near perfect - I just checked LA Craigslist, here's a nice /5 (high miles, but still) - (https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/mcy/5991322460.html) $4500.

I would check the pushrod seals and the instruments, tires, does it smoke, regular stuff.



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I bought my wife a '73 LWB

I bought my wife a '73 LWB R75/5 in 1999. I restored it and she rode it for another 12 years. Flat out, bulletproof bike and a blast to ride.

$8500 seems a bit high but if it's immaculate, original, then it will only increase in value. All depends if you're buying it to flip it or keep it.

Send some pics and we can evaluate it better.



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