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Looking for a recommendation on new timing light. Was wondering if anyone offers a small bright timing light. Also looking for a source for timing and balancing tools such as an extended spark plug adapter to cut out cylinders. I have seen a tool that helps with point adjustment where you remove the advance unit.
Finally got my R69S running after clearing the slingers. I can get it started but I know the timing is off.
Thanks, Michael

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I think just about any timing

I think just about any timing light will work just fine. It will be 12v based...just roll your bike near you car and hook the light up to the car battery.

As for spark cut out tools, get some threaded rod from the hardware store and fit the removable caps from a set of spark plugs to one end of the threaded rod. I've heard that old spoke also make a good shorting rod.

Cycleworks sells the points setting tool. I've never found that to be a must-have item...I've been able to set the gaps easy enough.


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