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I will be putting numerous parts on EBAY in coming weeks...

Here are a few items that will go up shortly, have not decided on prices yet...based on rarity.

NOS Hella spotlight mirror

NOS white R27 front fender

NOS black R69US front fender original BMW wrapped

NOS black /2 Earles front fender (may keep for my bike) original BMW wrapped

Armatures, regulators, etc. all NOS and many in original Butler and Smith packages.

Also have about 60 /2 carbs, many nice bodies, some complete, several NOS for R69S. and a pair of mint carbs for an R68/R69. Also a pair of R51/3 carbs i think.

Let me know via email if you are looking for any rare hard to find BMW parts, I probably have them. best address is here or rob@gernstetter.com

Regards, Rob

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1962 R50/2

HI ROB, I bought my first bmw Motorcycle a /2 ... I ask if you have the mounting hardware for the rear of the gas tank.. It was lost as the motorcycle sat for some 20 years.Leo

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