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Happy New Year,
I received my copy of the new Barrington R26-27 manual just before New Year and have spent some time looking it over.
I'm not going to write a review, other than to say it is every bit as good as their previous manuals. Which is saying a lot.
Anyone owning, maintaining, or restoring one of these machines should have this new book.
Chris and Barbara Betjemann have done the vintage BMW motorcycle world a great service by providing us with these priceless sources of knowledge.

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Kudos to them. I agree with

Kudos to them. I agree with your sentiment,they are incredible people to take so much time out of their lives to write these absolutely excellent repair/restoration manuals. I sincerely mean this when I say these manuals gave me the confidence to do my own work and the information is just priceless,in fact it compelled me to successfully restore a bike,build 3 engines and 2 transmissions,forks,wheels,etc. Their legacy will live on,for it will have helped countless people with their vintage BMW motorrad.
Cheers to the Betjemanns!!


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