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I came across this prototype on the net that was submitted to Lego for manufacturing as part of their new ideas initiative.

It would be great if a BMW motorcycle can form part of the Lego legacy and what better than a R60/2.

You do have to register first to support the idea (which is always a pain), but please take the time. Almost halfway, needing another 5000 votes to qualify for review by Lego. With the number of members on this forum it should be achieved in a flash.


(This is not my prototype or idea, just gathering supporting)

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That's pretty cool. I'll

That's pretty cool. I'll support as long as I know the slingers have been done on the Lego bike?


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Spring 2017 BMW motorcycle

Spring 2017 BMW motorcycle Magazine. The Lego-BMW R1200GS/ 603 pieces of lego. Cost about $60. In production.



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This would be so cool! I hope

This would be so cool!
I hope its gonna work out.

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Also supported - very cool.

Also supported - very cool. The kids would love it equally.

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we also suported nice great

we also suported
nice great idea

San Arthur
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Me too..

Please register and support the idea, it will only take a few minutes from your time.



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great ✓ 10,000 suporters

great Smile

10,000 suporters

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