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I've been busy rebuilding this bike starting the project on September 1st this year. As I seem compelled to do on all my projects, I write-up what I've done after I do it and post it to my web site in hope that this will be helpful to other folks thinking about working on their bikes.

--> www.brook.reams.me

Here is the link to the project index page that includes links to all the write-ups I've posted so far on the project.

1977 BMW R100RS Rebuild: Project Index

In summary, here is the work I done so far. Perhaps some of this is work folks are thinking about doing on their bike. If so, you will get a good idea of what's involved (tools, parts, procedure) and also a list of on-line resources I consulted to guide me. My convention is to title the write-up with the same major number from the BMW parts fiche so work is grouped by major component. That should make it easier to find what you are looking for.

00 BMW 1977 R100RS Planning the Build
11 BMW 1977 R100RS Remove Pistons, Connecting Rods & Inspect
11 BMW 1977 R100RS Replace Rear Main Seal & Oil Pump Cover O-Ring
11 BMW 1977 R100RS Replace Rocker Needle Bearings, Remove Valves & Inspect
11 BMW 1977 R100RS Replace Timing Chain, Crankshaft Timing Gear & Nose Bearing
12 BMW 1977 R100RS Changes To Ignition For Dual Plug Heads
12 BMW 1977 R100RS Install Dyna III Electronic Ignition-Refurbish Automatic Timing Unit (ATU)
12 BMW 1977 R100RS Refurbish Starter Motor
12 BMW 1977 R100RS Replace Engine Electrical Components
21 BMW 1977 R100RS Remove, Refurbish, Install Clutch
33 BMW 1977 R100RS Remove Drive Shaft & Swing Arm Bearings
46 BMW 1977 BMW R100RS Check If Frame Is Bent
46 BMW 1977 R100RS Remove, Disassemble Bodywork
46 BMW 1977 R100RS Repair Fairing Panels & Side Covers

The paint work should be back by the first of the year. I had all the hard parts powder coated and have them back. I also sent out the brake calipers for new blue anodizing and hope to get them next week.

Future work includes putting in 9.5:1 compression pistons, rings and wrist pins that work with Nikasil cylinders. At one point, the top end was replaced with the later Nikasil top end lowering the compression to 8.2:1. I'm going to have the heads rebuilt so the motor should be good for quite awhile.

My goal is to finish this project by 1 September 2017 and then ride the bike from Denver, CO where I live to Pennsylvania to attend a 40th Anniversary rally for the R100RS. Hopefully I'll also be able to ride it back home Smile

Brook Reams.


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R100RS restoration

Brook, What timing. I'm just beginning a tear down on my 78' R100RS and I was hoping somebody had a comprehensive list of best steps. How is your project coming? Please keep me updated on how you're making out. Eric

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